Personal Training/HIT

Interested in private one-on-one training with me? I specialize in one-on-one training, partner training, as well as small group training/High Intensity Training (HIT).
I'd be more than happy to schedule a couple of complimentary sessions in order to get you well on your way to your goals.

You can find me at:

Del Norte Sports and Wellness

7120 Wyoming Blvd NE #8B,
Albuquerque, NM 87109
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Testimonials: Personal Training

  •  About 3 years ago I noticed that I wasn't advancing my physical fitness and wasn't happy with my weight. I was thinking of trying personal training to hit a reset button with my body. I'm a 50 year old man and was concerned about my overall health and readiness for the later years in my life approaching retirement. I felt that Patrick sounded very professional so I approached him about being my personal trainer to give myself a booster shot for health and fitness. I found the sessions a lot of fun - yes hard work but I really enjoyed it. He would make it both fun and educational. Over time I started to see physical results in my upper body and waistline. We then started to discuss my diet and I liked his approach of tackling one thing at a time. He is a very smart young man and I really appreciate all he has done for my health and overall well being. If you are considering to train or consult with him, I’d give him high grades and would definitely recommend that you give him a try.  
    ~ Arnold H.
  •  Both my husband and I have been training with Patrick Ryan. My husband for two years, and myself for one. There is such a comfort level that Pat brings to his training, which is essential when dealing with sensitive issues pertaining to the body. Gyms and nutrition can be intimidating, but Pat listens to his clients' input and concerns to create sustainable and achievable goals through easy to follow meal plans and innovative workouts.  
    ~ Ashley B.
  •  I have been a client of Patrick Ryan's for nearly three years now (since July 2014), and I couldn’t be more satisfied with him as a personal trainer. I’m an older guy (Medicare’s got me already), and as such have needs that differ greatly from those of younger clients. Patrick recognizes those needs and guides me through workouts that are age-appropriate yet challenging. Over these three years I have lost weight (which my doctor told me was necessary if I wanted to remain healthy) and have steadily reduced body fat/increased lean body weight. I feel healthier and stronger than I have at any other point in my life, especially compared to those years when I essentially worked out on my own but never realized the benefits of a professionally-designed training program. 
    ~ Richard M.
  •  Very eloquent and passionate. I'm honored to know you and even more so to learn from you. Every so often people have crossed my path that are genuinely good. I count those moments as special. I remember them vividly and revisit the memory to remind myself how blessed I am. They and you are rare, my young friend. Stay golden. Stay true to yourself and your convictions.  
    ~ Therese
  •  He does great work and his commitment to each of us is evident. While I can't speak for the whole group, I will say that I certainly appreciate all he has done for me. Not only have we successfully worked toward my goal but he has certainly showed me a new lifestyle. A lifestyle that I unexpectedly really enjoy and to be quite honest is a little addicting. I thank you for all your support and guidance, you certainly deserve the recognition. 
    ~ Scott A.