Personal Training/HIT

Interested in private one-on-one training with me? I specialize in one-on-one training, partner training, as well as small group training/High Intensity Training (HIT).
I'd be more than happy to schedule a couple of complimentary sessions in order to get you well on your way to your goals.

You can find me at:

Del Norte Sports and Wellness

7120 Wyoming Blvd NE #8B,
Albuquerque, NM 87109
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Testimonials: Personal Training

  •  When I first set out to get back in shape I did not know what to expect. I did not have the balance or flexibility like I did when I was young. I was impressed by how quickly that came back working with you just three days a week. After that I felt so good I decided to start doing Triathlons and the strength training you gave me was the foundation for my running, riding and swimming. I'll never forget how tight my shoulders were when I started and how flexible and strong they are now. All I can say is THANK YOU!!!  
    ~ Jim G.
  •  I have recently become pregnant and there is not another trainer out there that I'd be willing to guide me through such a delicate time in my training. Mr. Ryan is such an honest person and I know he will always listen and use my feedback if something doesn't feel right. He works for his clients, not just himself. 
    ~ Ashley B.
  •  About 3 years ago I noticed that I wasn't advancing my physical fitness and wasn't happy with my weight. I was thinking of trying personal training to hit a reset button with my body. I'm a 50 year old man and was concerned about my overall health and readiness for the later years in my life approaching retirement. I felt that Patrick sounded very professional so I approached him about being my personal trainer to give myself a booster shot for health and fitness. I found the sessions a lot of fun - yes hard work but I really enjoyed it. He would make it both fun and educational. Over time I started to see physical results in my upper body and waistline. We then started to discuss my diet and I liked his approach of tackling one thing at a time. He is a very smart young man and I really appreciate all he has done for my health and overall well being. If you are considering to train or consult with him, I’d give him high grades and would definitely recommend that you give him a try.  
    ~ Arnold H.
  •  I've known Pat most of my life from youth sports as well as school, but my actual journey with Pat had begun when I quit MMA and tried to take on bodybuilding. I was walking around at about 155-160lbs and told him that I wanted to be around 200lbs. I had come off a recent back injury and told him I'd like to do a men's physique show, but wasn't ready to work with a trainer, so Pat would give me tips and help me out here and there.

    He would always compliment me on the progress I was making and after a year I told him I don't care where I'm at I just want to do a show and I'm ready to work with you. What I liked was he was honest and didn't try to steal my money. He said there's no way we could be ready in two months . So he recommended that I didn't do it. I said I don't care if I win or lose let's do this together. So he busted his butt to help me bust my butt and get to where I needed to be. He is a really knowledgeable, professional, and caring trainer. He still checks in on me from time to time. I would recommend him to anyone of my family members and friends. By far the best personal trainer I know. 
    ~ Richard L.
  •  I have been working with Patrick Ryan for 2 years and I cannot honestly provide anything other than my highest recommendation. From the start, Patrick has worked with me individually, crafting his approach to our training to meet my goals rather than offering boilerplate programming. Patrick approaches personal training and nutrition with dedication and thoughtfulness; it is not simply his job, it is his passion and that important difference shines through in all that he does. As a physician, I can attest that Patrick has solid understanding of exercise anatomy and physiology, an important knowledge base that grounds his practices. It has been a joy to work with Patrick and I value him not only as a trainer, but more importantly, a true friend and colleague in reaching my fitness goals. I truly look forward to each and every training session.  
    ~ Evan B.